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Furthermore, mills packed 14 different bag weights that range from 23-67kg and that the packaging materials cost in high cost mills is Rs 2.20/kg of yarn while for the low it is Re 0.93/kg.

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2021-2-26  Cost analysis of spinning mills show raw materials, power important factors "Today, the availability of cotton and synthetic staple fibers is not a problem. In 2013-14 season, for the third time in a row, the main production countries supplied more raw material than what was processed by spinning mills.

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spinning mills project cost. COSTING FOR A SPINNING MILLCost AccountingPage 2 MATERIAL COST DIRECT MATERIAL is that which can be conveniently identified with and allocated to cost units. Learn More. cost reduction in spinning millsgreenrevolution . Cost reduction in spinning millscase study 2.

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Introduction It is better to review the basics concepts, costing methods and techniques and elements of costing before you work out a costing for a spinning mill. Cost Accounting Cost Accounting is a system of determining the costs of products or services. It has primarily developed to meet the needs...

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Spinning mills receive raw materials both cotton and man-made fibres normally in the form of bales, in lorries. In the case of cotton, a bale weighs about 170 kg whereas a synthetic fibre bale weighs around 300 kg.

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Direct cost for a spinning mill includes raw material price, packing cost, freight. All other costs are either fixed costs or semi variable costs. The other costs can not be conveniently allocated to per kg of a particular count.

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The other three cost components viz. salaries & wages cost, administrative overheads and stores and packing materials cost had contributed almost in equal proportion for the remaining increase. Power cost per unit during this period had registered a jump of about 40 per cent (from Rs 4.74 per unit in 2010 to Rs 6.65 per unit in 2013, as per the


2020-6-18  productivity and reduction in packing materials cost are submitted to the mills. Five years ago, SITRA brought out a Focus (Vol.20, No.3, September 2002) on case study of a spinning mill, in which suggestions were offered to reduce the input cost. The present Focus covers the case study of another spinning mill, in which

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2020-4-20  For spinning mills,process costing is employed. DIRECT MATERIAL is that which can be conveniently identified with and allocated to cost units. Direct materials generally become a part of the finished product. For example, cotton used in a spinning mill is a direct material. Packing cost is based on indonesian packing material prices