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2020-7-31  The following companies are performing uranium prospection and/or exploration in South Africa: Acclaim Exploration NL,Uranium One Inc., Simmer and Jack Mines Ltd, First Uranium Corp., Uramin Inc., Yellowcake PLC,Brinkley Mining Plc,Western Uranium Pty Ltd, Lonrho Africa Plc, Witwatersrand Consolidated Gold Resources Ltd.,DRDGold Limited,

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Uranium mines in Africa typically yield about 1 kilogram of uranium for every 1000 kilograms of uranium ore processed. Anglo Gold Ltd is the main holder in the uranium mines in Africa. One of the underground mines that it owns has an average annual output off 674 tonnes.

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2021-2-3  Currently, uranium mining in Africa by the countries Niger, Namibia and South Africa produce 18% of the world’s demand of the metallic chemical. A main centre for uranium mining in Africa is focused along the Witwatersrand Basin, which

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Uranium Mines In South Africa Total Prospects Occurrences Plants Producers. Gauteng 49 - 1 48 Limpopo 4 - 1 3 Mpumalanga 5 - 5 North West 12 - 12 Orange Free State 37 1 3 33 Mining Claim News From The Diggings™

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2021-2-25  Brinkley Mining Plc (‘Brinkley Mining’) was incorporated in London in August 2005 for the purpose of identifying and acquiring uranium. Brinkley Mining owns 49% of Western Uranium Pty Ltd, an associate company which has been granted prospecting rights, and commenced a detailed exploration programme on the Waterval area in South Africa.

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2021-2-15  In South Africa, uranium is a by-product of gold mining. > See also: Database Index: Uranium Mining in Sub-Saharan Africa (African Development Information Services) Historical uranium production to 1996 (395k PDF Chamber of Mines) . Beatrix mine, Free State Province Beisa Reef mining area

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2021-1-4  Analysts estimate that uranium reserves across Africa encompass some 888K tonnes. Presently, some 18% of the global supply of uranium comes from three African countries: South Africa, Niger and Namibia. Niger is 4th in the

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2013-12-16  Uranium mining in Africa: South Africa South Africa is unique among the countries discussed here in that it has two of its own nuclear reactors, providing 5

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2021-2-18  (Reserves contained in Resources) > Download Technical Report May 2011 (2.5M PDF SEDAR) > Download Technical Report, June 2008 (amended and restated April 21, 2009) (1.6M PDF SEDAR) > Download Technical Report, Aug. 2006 (1.4M PDF SEDAR). 75% Equinox Minerals Ltd. Phelps Dodge Njame, Mutanga, and Bungua deposits, Siavonga

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2021-2-26  A higher uranium price will enable companies with development assets to raise the necessary funding to build their mines. This could see uranium producers in Africa